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fifteen seconds of fame

May 27, 2014

Apparently we all want it. Fifteen seconds of fame. I reckon I am almost there.

Things have been crazy these last few weeks and as you are reading this I hope to have survived the opening weekend of the play I am currently rehearsing. I want to share more about the value of rehearsal in the coming weeks but for now I wanted to share the highlight of my week.

A month or two back I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with the The Amity Affliction filming their latest video “Don’t Lean on Me” which has just been released. It may not be the type of music you usually listen to and if you are at work you might want to make sure you have the volume down before you watch the clip below (strong language warning), but if you watch through to about 2:20 you will see yours truly. I can honestly say the smile was genuine. The guys in the band are great and the team from filmSmith who shot and produced it were amazing as were the rest of my “family”. Enjoy. I did.



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  1. Gavin permalink
    June 3, 2014 7:22 pm

    AWESOME! What a great song and video. Loved every bit of the song. These guys are veteran-like just like you playing a Dad. Well done Paul (another 15seconds)

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