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Improve relationships and increase trust by just saying no!
An online course to help you learn how to create space in your life by dealing with the emotional responses we have to saying no and being told no.

With a full calendar and hardly a minute to spare many of us are in danger of being overwhelmed by the amount of work we have taken on. We all know that the quickest way to create some space and take a breath is to just say “no”. From William Ury’s best seller “The Power of a Positive No” to the advice of well-meaning friends we are told that we shouldn’t be afraid to say no. But many people are.

Saying no isn’t easy.

Dealing with our emotional response to thought of saying no is one thing, dealing with how other people react to being told no is a completely different thing all together. We want to be seen as being more than just competent. We want to earn the trust of our colleagues and we need to get the work done. So we say yes with the consequences that the important but not urgent works slips further behind, we rush to produce work of a quality below what we are capable of and we fear we will burn out if this continues much longer.

In this introductory course we get to the heart of why we often struggle to say no and what action you can take to make it easier. You will be introduced to:

  • A tool for diagnosing why the right things are not being done at the right time to the right standard
  • A framework for understanding and identifying our emotional reactions to saying no (and to being told no)
  • A method of responding that increases trust, allows you to focus on what is important and deliver value to the organisation

Here is a preview of the course.

It doesn’t matter how busy you are it is the one course you should say, “yes!” to. Sign up for this online course on with this free coupon code.

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