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Drawing on my experience delivering the Samurai Game and my work in organisations, I focus on the importance of practice with a particular emphasis on accountability, ethics and values. My interactive sessions aim to move participants from an academic understanding of “what I would do” in a particular situation, to a place that allows them to reflect on “what I did do.” A mix of cutting edge research, practical experience and fun, my recent presentations include:

Serious Play: How rock, paper, scissors can make or break you as a leader, Australian Tax Office

A stake in the game? Why the cost of failure is the price of entry, Australian Institute of Management

Soft skills are not hard! Centre for Engineering Leadership & Management/ Sustainable Engineering Society

Saying no just isn’t easy. Women’s Energy Leadership League (WELL) – An online version of this presentation is available from my online courses page.

I am also interested in how you and your team can go beyond and get underneath what makes difficult conversations difficult. Drawing on elements of affect script psychology I share a simple model but powerful model to help you understand why your difficult conversations go bad and the steps you can take to improve the quality of relationships both at work and at home.

You can contact Paul here.

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