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the corporate Bodhisattva

June 1, 2012

They say that in India you don’t have to walk very far at all to find a guru – someone who claims to have experienced a flash of insight that enables them to see through the veil and perceive things as they actually are.

They are easy to find.

They will be surrounded by other people who will tell you that there are things that the guru knows that you do not. The guru will not tell you that – because it is not so easy to see them.

They are important. And busy.

You are not the only one who comes seeking what they know. But if you are prepared to wait they may be able to see you next Thursday at 4:15 for fifteen minutes. Please prepare your questions and submit them beforehand so they can be sure to provide you with answers.

They will try to explain the complexity of their world as simply as they can.

Then there is the Bodhisattva – a person who is able to reach nirvana but delays doing so out of compassion in order to save suffering beings (those of us who would be left behind.)

They are not so easy to find.

You cannot ask where they are because you will be directed to a guru. But if you listen to enough people you will hear their name mentioned. You will be told that if you really want to understand then they are the person you must find. They will not be surrounded by people, in fact you can only be sure you are on the right track if more than once you are warned that you will not like what they have to say.

They are not busy because not many are prepared to hear what they know. Few are able to see what they are in touch with.

They do not think they are important.

They will be able to see now and will be happy to talk with you for the rest of the day if you think it will help. There is no guarantee you will leave with an answer – only that you will have more questions.

Their simple explanations highlight the complexity of your world.

And so it is in the corporate world.

meditative poseCorporate gurus are easy to find. Everybody will tell you that they know things. If you can get past their PA you can have fifteen minutes with them next Thursday – but only if you email your agenda and questions by Monday … and you are not upset when you are rescheduled twice because something important has come up.

When they talk to you they seek to explain the complexity of their world as simply as they can so that you might understand the depth of their experience and insight. After all, that is why they have ‘Senior’ or ‘Manager’ in their title and you do not.

You will leave with their answer.

The corporate Bodhisattva are there if you know where to listen for them. They often have no title and no PA because they have made the choice not to climb the corporate ladder in order to help suffering beings (those of us who would be left behind in the open plan offices.) All you have to do is drop by their desk and they are happy to listen to you.

You will be warned not to talk with them because they will say things that make you uncomfortable. Their simple explanations highlight the complexity of your world.

You will leave with your answer and with their questions. Questions that are much juicier than the ones that you came with.


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  1. June 1, 2012 9:03 am

    I have a feeling that if you really listen you will find gurus everywhere. They might not appear to as the orange robbed, indian guru you seek but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been put in your path to give you an insight that you haven’t yet seen.

  2. meganbtw permalink
    June 3, 2012 8:32 pm

    I am thankful for the Bodhisattvas in my life. I know where to find them.

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