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expect a miracle (it is more than a simple card trick)

December 21, 2011

When you see him do it you are tempted to believe that Dr John is the reason that the magic happens. You think that it’s not so much what he’s doing with the cards that creates the magic, but that it’s because of who he is and the way he does it. And you would be right.

But you would also be wrong.

It is because of Dr John that so much of it happens – but you don’t have to be him to do it. He doesn’t ask that you give it a go or tell you that you should try it. In fact most of his power comes from the fact that he expects nothing from you at all.

It is what he expects for you that holds the key.

He will tell you (if you ask) that he has done it over 50,000 times – but don’t start thinking that it is difficult to do and that you have to practice it over and over and over to get the same result he does. You don’t. It is so easy to learn that there isn’t really anything much to teach. Just watch Dr John do it a couple of times and before you know it you will be able to do it yourself.

I know that to be true because I did it and got the same response when I wasn’t even expecting a result (and that dear reader might just be the key to it all!).

We were fixing up the bill at the end of a recent catch-up at a local Italian cafe. The waiter serving behind the counter handed Dr John back his validated parking ticket and apologised for the delay as they changed the paper in the EFTPOS terminal.  Dr John thanked him and reached into his wallet. Leaning over the counter he said “Here, this is for you.” and he gave the waiter this card:

picture of an Expect a Miracle card

The waiter looked at the front. Then he turned it over (as everyone who receives one does) to find (as everyone who receives one does) that there is nothing on the back. No name. No phone number. No website. Nothing.

Then (as everyone who receives one does) he looked at Dr John with a sort of confused smile. Every part of Dr John smiled back as he said “It’s for you. Expect a miracle and I know that you will find one.


Twenty minutes later I am back in my office and a colleague notices the copy of Dr John’s book on my desk with one of his magic cards sticking out in anticipation of being used as a book mark. I explain to her that he is a friend and we have just caught up over lunch. I say  “Here, let me give you one of his cards…

She looks at the front. Then she turns it over (as everyone who receives one does) to find (as everyone who receives one does) that there is nothing on the back. No name. No phone number. No website. Nothing.

Then (as everyone who receives one does) she looks at me with a sort of confused smile and says “This isn’t a business card?”.

No” I say, “It’s for you. Expect a miracle.

And then it happened.

Like the waiter, there was a visible change in her that went beyond just the physical. It seemed like her whole being let out a huge sigh of relief and relaxed just for a moment. The waiter had responded in much the same way before he caught his breath and reached over the counter to shake Dr John’s hand and thank him for his gift. My colleague thanked me and smiled. She told me that she was facing a number of important decisions at the moment and that a miracle is just what she needs.

Now maybe she will get the miracle she is looking for and maybe she won’t. As Dr John will tell you, what is important is not having an expectation that a particular miracle will occur, but rather holding a sense of positive expectancy that miracles can be found just about anywhere you look.

And he is right.

The miraculous can be found in the most normal of situations if only you have eyes to see it.

And that is what I want to leave with you this holiday season. The expectancy of something miraculous happening in your life. (If you think you might need to be reminded you can visit Dr John’s website and download a file that will allow you to create your own Expect a Miracle cards to keep nearby.)

Expect a miracle and I know that you will find one.


Dr John Hinwood is an international speaker, facilitator, mentor and chiropractic consultant based in Brisbane. John is a well-known author of numerous books on practice management and his latest book is an international best seller, You Can Expect a Miracle … The Book to Change Your Life. He has had papers published in academic journals and was once Captain/Coach of the Danish National Rugby Team! You can find details on when Dr John will be bringing his Expect a Miracle School to a venue near you by visiting his website.

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  1. December 21, 2011 7:09 am

    Expecting … thanks Paul. Simple and powerful.

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