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some things can not be locked away in a safe

October 14, 2011
A lock

It was there yesterday. Some thing.

It was safe.

Only two people have a key and you are one of them.

You know you did not take it. They say they did not take it.

But it looks like it is gone.

(Maybe it was lost)

You’d better not have.

I didn’t!

Well, neither did I.  

(That is the point when some thing is lost)

Even if it turns out that it was there all along, that no thing was taken,  it is gone.

You can not pick it up, dust it off and say …

It is OK, it is still here! Sorry to bother you… It was not important.

Some thing has changed.

(That is the point when you realise you really have lost some thing important)

It might be that you will be able to replace it with some thing similar but it will be different.

(It will never be the same and it will take a long time to replace it)

You see, we hold the key. But the truth is we are also the lock. We keep it safe by opening ourselves every minute of every day.

What we hold cannot be taken. Only given.

(I am not sure it can be received but I think it can be held)

Regardless, it is something that is easily lost.

Trust me.


Sorry for the break between posts. I was doing some work in China. I did manage to write a bit though so there will be regular weekly posts again now.

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