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April 7, 2011

Sebastian Thrun has committed his life to saving the lives of a million people.  Every year. One million people every year.

Now that is a goal!

That is something you can sink your teeth into and work towards.

He admits he is not there yet. All he and is colleagues have managed to do so far is create a driver-less car that can navigate its way from the center of  San Fransisco to the middle of LA without human intervention. I guess that means he probably hasn’t saved his first life yet which leaves him a lot more to do this year…

Now you may not like what he has created. The potential benefit of triple the current density of cars on existing roads might not be something you want to see happen in the future, but you can’t help but be impressed by what he has achieved while working towards the goal he has committed his life to.

I am going to suggest that you do what I did. Take 4:15 out of your life and watch Sebastian’s TED talk.

Then watch some other TED talks, grab a cup of tea and stare out the window while you ponder what you have committed your life to and why.

Because even if you work your entire life and don’t reach your goal and save a million lives, along the way you might just change a single life for the better.

And in my book, that is something worth committing to.

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