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Sara (Solicitor)

October 12, 2015

A week out from participating in the Samurai Game with Paul Marshall as facilitator, I am now convinced of what I had merely suspected, minutes out from completion – the Samurai Game has changed my life. Having recounted the ‘story’ of the day to a number of people close to me, from the introduction, to ‘training’, to the game itself and to the debriefing session, I increasingly realise what a profound effect the experience has had on me. On the day, I arrived in the morning curious and apprehensive, sensing and hoping that a ‘Game’ which had clearly inspired Paul, someone I have admired and respected for many years, may also inspire me, but not knowing how that may happen throughout the course of the day. I asked Paul what he wanted us, as the participants, to bring to the experience, and he asked us to keep in mind that we have “One Meeting; One Chance;” a truly powerful message which I believe was taken on board by everyone there that day.

What followed, I must admit, is so difficult to put into words, but it resulted in an overall sense of gratitude, responsibility and empowerment that has taken me by complete surprise. During the day, I was humbled, energised, encouraged and inspired by my fellow warriors. I felt kinship and humanity, and I felt alive. The one word for me that describes the Samurai Game experience is “Life-affirming” and that feeling has stayed with me. As Paul has explained to us, the Samurai Game is a personal journey and reveals something different to each participant. For me, it showed me something I have never given myself permission to believe– I’m a leader. A lifetime on the fringes, watching and waiting, is no more: One Meeting; One Chance – don’t waste it.

I’m so grateful to Paul for bringing this to Australia and  I urge each and every one of you to try something different – you will gain so much.

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