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Michael Sheridan (Business and Process Improvement Specialist & Data Scientist)

October 10, 2015

The Samurai Game was a 1-day workshop (open to the public) that I attended (upon recommendation) in February 2015. The game was delivered in a safe workshop setting – and Paul’s facilitation allowed attendees to learn the rules and values of a 16th century Japanese Samurai warrior.

Attending the Samurai game workshop gave me the opportunity to focus on my values set, and through Paul’s facilitation, he placed us in difficult situations requiring us to each make individual decisions that can often challenge our personal values – scenarios where one value may conflict with another virtuous value, and where a decision either way has ramifications (but in a safe setting without irrevocable or serious consequences). Hence Paul’s title as “Difficultator” is certainly appropriate in his role as trainer and facilitator!

For organisations and teams that want to transform their culture through the personal growth of their team members, I can recommend the Samurai game, facilitated by Paul, as a confronting but rewarding training day – while my attendance was for personal growth, I envisage teams gaining potential benefits in opening up important dialogues around values, behaviours and decision making.

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